Louise Green

Louise Green

Author / Trainer / Coach / Speaker / Influencer

Louise Green is a celebrated Author, Influencer and Award-Winning Fitness Trainer. Louise has been changing the narrative and idealistic standards of our fitness culture since 2007.

Louise has worked the trenches for over 10 years, banking over 10,000 hours physically training women who are considered outside the “cultural norm”. Louise has refined unique intelligence into how this group is motivated and responds to fitness practices and messaging.

Louise Founded Big Fit Girl, now a brand, a book, a fitness app and a monthly magazine column, after forging a global movement following the release of her book (Big Fit Girl).

Louise is the voice that thousands of women rely on to change our visual and cultural landscape in relation to confidence and health and wellness Her movement allows for women to unearth their inner athlete and love their bodies, at every size in a climate where that remains a controversial and revolutionary act.

Louise has been named one of the Top Trainers to follow by SELF Magazine, One of Eight Badass Women Who Prove Fitness has no Size by People Magazine, one of Sixty Barbie Role Models Positively Impacting Girls, by Mattel, Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers by Optimyz Magazine (3 years in a row) and named one of 5 Canadian Women Boldly Changing the World for Women and Girls by Women of Influence.

Book Louise to Speak At Your Event

Louise has graced many stages armed with a powerful message derived from her personal experience from rock bottom to one of the most prolific plus-size leaders in the fitness industry. Her unique perspective as an “unconventional” trainer and athlete delivers a powerful presentation on how athleticism is accessible to all and how fitness can elevate one’s self-worth, body image and overall human potential. Adding Louise to the line up at your event will inspire, motivate and expand your audience members perspective to a new paradigm of what fit, athletic and healthy can look like.