Louise Green, Founder Big Fit Girl
Influencer, Global Fitness Coach & Author

Louise Green is the Founder of the fitness brand, Big Fit Girl. For over a decade she has forged a career as a plus-size Personal Trainer, Global Fitness Coach, Fitness Activist and Author changing the narrative and the idealistic standards of our fitness culture.

As an influential change-maker, Louise has helped thousands of women find their inner athlete and love their bodies, at every size.

Her unique approach to fitness sustainability is not just looking at the physical and aesthetic aspect but more-so helping women understand the social-cultural challenges and barriers they may face. Her mandate is a trifecta: to level the playing field by influencing more size-diverse imagery in fitness media and advertising, highlighting the importance of size inclusive education by the fitness industry educators and leading women to stop waiting on the weight and to step off the sidelines, in the body they have right now. Green believes that when we combine all three we create a climate of unlimited possibility for every “body.”

Through international speaking, writing and coaching, Green’s tenacity and voice is leading the charge in creating a more inclusive fitness culture across the globe. Louise has graced many stages armed with a powerful message derived from her personal experience from rock bottom to one of the most prolific plus-size leaders in the fitness industry. 

Her unique perspective as an “ unconventional  trainer and athlete delivers a powerful presentation on how athleticism is accessible to all and how fitness can elevate one’s self-worth, body image and overall human potential.  Adding Louise to the line up at your event will inspire, motivate and expand your audience members perspective to a new paradigm of what fit, athletic and healthy can look like

Smashing the barriers of mainstream fitness, Louise is the first Plus-Size Athlete to be feature in elite magazines such as Triathlete, Bicycling, Impact, Canadian Running and Runner’s World UK. Louise has leant her expertise to over 150 media interviews around the world, she has shared her voice at NBC at the Steve Harvey Show, London’s This Morning, Australia’s Good Morning, the BBC, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

Louise is the Author of Big Fit Girl, founder of the Big Fit Girl Fitness App, Big Fit Girl Uncensored Podcast and a leading Columnist at SELF Magazine. Louise is currently working on her second book with Penguin/Random House USA.


about louise green
about Louise Green